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I'm currently working on a new book, The Mountains are Calling: How Peak-Bagging, Bushwhacking, and Barefooting Taught Me to Run and Live More Naturally.  Until then, check out my other titles.

Running the Long Path

A 350-Mile Journey of Discover in New York's Hudson Valley

Ultrarunner Ken Posner's fast-paced narrative into the wilds of New York’s Hudson Valley, as he attempts to set a new record for completing the Long Path, a 350-mile hiking trail that links New York City and Albany.

“This is a beautiful book, dazzling in its prose … definitely do read it.” ― UltraRunning

“…this book is not about endurance records or racing. And, unlike some tell-all stories of athletic adventure, it is far from a tedious, play-by-play account of his athletic prowess … What mostly sings in this book are the beautiful descriptions of the trails, the woods, and the topography of the Long Path … Posner’s eloquence in dealing with the frustration of his monumental task leaves you feeling as though you are out there, alone in the darkness, searching for the elusive next blue disc … a great book … a must-read.”

Poughkeepsie Journal

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Stalking the Black Swan.jpg

Stalking the Black Swan

Research and Decision Making in a

World of Extreme Volatility

Kenneth A. Posner spent close to two decades as a Wall Street analyst, tracking the so-called "specialty finance" sector, which included controversial companies such as Countrywide, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CIT, and MasterCard, —many of which were caught in the subprime mortgage and capital markets crisis of 2007. While extreme volatility is nothing new in finance, the recent downturn caught many off guard, indicating that the traditional approach to decision making had let them down. Introducing a new framework for handling and evaluating extreme risk, Posner draws on years of experience to show how decision makers can best cope with the "Black Swans" of our time.

A wonderful read on how to think about, analyze, and react to extreme events. ― Motley Fool

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