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In the Media

Interview on Running Tales podcast  on running barefoot,

Badwater and being a minimalist

Interview with Tony Fletcher on barefoot hiking.

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Interview with fellow barefooter and blogger, Thea Gavin.

Interview with Stash Rusin, on Inside the Line Podcast

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"American ultrarunner completes barefoot trek of California's John Muir Trail."


A random encounter with friendly bloggers on the

John Muir trail.


A book review of Running the Long Path.

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A book review of Running the Long Path.

Ep. 15: Who was Diogenes and why should we care?One Step Beyond
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A live interview while bushwhacking up a Catskills Mountain with Tony Fletcher.

Presentation at Slabsides on the legacy of John Burroughs and his friend

and mentor, Walt Whitman.

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